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IRG e-magazine wishes you all A Happy New Year!

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Maggi Young:
IRG (International Rock Gardener) 72 of December 2015 completes our fifth year of offering this e-magazine free to all each month on the SRGC site. This special issue contains a full index to all issues and a 2016 Calendar for you to print off in gratitude for your support through the year.
The calendar photos are from two great SRGC members, Steve Garvie in Scotland and Jamus Stonor in Australia. Thanks to them for their help as well as to all our contributors throughout the year and to two essential members of the IRG Team; our indexer Glassford Sprunt and proof reader Richard Green.

ZZ, Ian and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the very best in the coming year!
Maggi Young

IRG 72 link :

Page with all issues :
Cover of IRG 72 is Scabiosa stellata by Jamus Stonor

Luc Gilgemyn:
Thank you very much Maggi !  )2)

You can rest assured a lot of us never miss an IRG issue !!   6)) )))2

Maggi Young:
 6)) ((3 6)) )2) :-*

Maggi Young:
And  we  do the  same  for  2020! Hard  to believe  it  is  now over  ten years  since the  IRG was  started - you can find  all issues  of this  free online  magazine  here:

We  hope to continue  with some more  wonderful articles from  the  wise  VRV and  NRV members!  ((3

Very  best  wishes,

 Maggi Young  ;D

Luc Scheldeman:
Always a delight to read the IRG Maggi !


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