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Pindos 2023

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Vangelis Bezas:
Hello! Time to introduce myself and for you to practice a bit your English  :D I moved to Belgium some time ago but originally I am from the Pindos area of Greece. Here are some photos from this year.

The first picture is Allium trifoliatum, normally it flowers white but there are many forms. A compact allium that flowers with the leaf in green state.

Vangelis Bezas:
Lomelosia epirota, a very compact evergreen shrubby lomelosia endemic to Epirus

Vangelis Bezas:
Aethionema saxatile, needs no introduction!!

Vangelis Bezas:
Achillea umbellata with Cerastrium candidissimum growing through. Both Greek endemic species!

Vangelis Bezas:
Ramonda serbica, what to say first for this Balkan endemic! Known as a shade plant but in habitat i have observed that they grow equally good in sun. By mid-july the plants go totally dormant.


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