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Pindos 2023

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Vangelis Bezas:

--- Citaat van: Thomas Eckert op  9 november 2023, 21:13:38 ---A warm welcome to the forum from me too, Vangelis.

I'm also looking forward to marvelling at the wonderful pictures of your Greek homeland. As you are very knowledgeable, I have a small question for you. In the attachment you can see some photos from my garden of an Achillea that a friend collected on Mount Ossa. Unfortunately, I don't have an exact identification yet. My guess is Achillea agaratifolia. But I have never seen such an "extremely" silvery white specimen. The pinnation is also somewhat different from what I have known of Achillea agaratifolia so far. Can you make a possible prediction? If your precious time permits?


--- Einde van citaat ---

Hello Thomas! Very linear leaves with blade almost equal to the petiole is ageratifolia subsp. aizoon!


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