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Autumn Study Weekend of Rock Garden Club Prague
« Gepost op: 23 maart 2011, 10:08:55 »
Ik ga dit jaar terug naar een rotsplanten weekend in Tsjechië. Indien er mensen moesten zin hebben om mee te gaan. Graag !

Dear RG friends,

Peter Antonin organizes regular meeting of RG-ners (autumn study weekend) of our RG Club Prague in the mountains/country. Most of you knows about, attended such event in the past, for others - It is very informal meeting of growers, club members and RG friends with a lecture marathon on alpines and travels, usually with some garden visits in the vicinity. The audience is usually 80-100 people, slowly growing, past 2 years with about 20 foreigners. We offer a simple interpreting.   
Peter asked me to help with advertising, because he apologizes for not English speaking, so please, distribute this message among usual attendants and your friends.

This year the Meeting will be  21. - 23.Oct. in the hotel Luna (
Hotel LUNA
584 01 Kouty 77
Ledeč nad Sázavou
Českomoravská vysočina /Czech-Moravian highlands
GPS: 49°38'18.37"N; 15°17'56 E

Usual speakers are Zdenek Zvolanek, Zdenek Rehacek, Vojtech Holubec, Jaroslav Balaz, Jiri Novak, Dieter Zschummel, Kirsten Andersen, Michal Hoppel ,....etc.
(For 2012 I have arranged sponsored AGS talk: John Richards, but it is a far future) I can offer talk on Tien Shan which I am preparing for AGS Int. Symp in Nottingham.
I do not know exactly the programme that Petr is preparing, but it is surely open and he would be glad to accept your proposals for talks or simple participating. You will get the programme from him after contacting him.
The programme is not so fixed here like in meetings abroad, there is time for discussions at the bar, having Czech beer and Moravian wine.

Please, do not mix this regular event with planned large 2nd Czech-International RG Conference which is expected for May 2013, organizer Zdenek Zvolanek.

With best regards

Vojtech (Holubec)

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